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Practice Manager

I love Jesus and serving others through my church.  Adventure, animals, and being outdoors are my passion as well as learning and trying new things.  Bryn (my Border Collie who as a puppy thought she was a chicken) is my right hand woman and goes everywhere with me. When weather forces us to stay inside, we chill with a good movie or some kind of art project. I also have way too many cats, but that's for another time.  My family (both 2 and 4 legged) mean the world to me and I will do anything and everything for them to be happy and healthy.  Being the oldest of 5 kids, my siblings are like my children and we are very close.  We are quite the dream sports team when we are together.  I couldn't imagine life without them.  My life is dedicated to following God's path for me and I do my best to make every second count!

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TVH Family

The people of Trinity Veterinary Hospital are committed to you and your pets.  Learn about our team below! 


Pet Resort Manager

I grew up in a small town working beef cattle until I graduated High School. It took me a couple years of failure before I found my calling of working with small animals. I've had a dream of owning and operating a dog and cat sanctuary. After taking a few courses at Meridian, I began the arduous journey into animal care. After 5 years of applications being rejected or ignored, I finally found a home with TVH. Working here has been my greatest blessing. Finding a group of leaders who are constantly helping me embody the type of person I strive to be. 


Veterinary Assistant

 I grew up here in Stillwater and lived here until I was 15, then moved to Virginia, then Hawaii. I graduated high school in Hawaii and worked for an animal sanctuary and an animal hospital. I moved back here in 2018 and have been working at Trinity ever since. I am a fiery red head with a big heart. I love being spontaneous and going on adventures with friends and family (and fur babies). I am a foodie and enjoy sushi Fridays with friends! I love Disney, reading, and have a new anime obsession! 

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Customer Service Representative

I started working at Trinity in February 2021. I graduated from Morrison, OK in 2017. I married my high school sweetheart in 2017 and just had our first baby girl in April 2022. We have two fur babies at home named Ali and Nellie. Ali is a handsome 3 year old Border Collie/Heeler mix and Nellie is a sassy 1 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Originally I started my career in human medicine. I loved my job as a nurse but switching to Veterinary medicine was by far the greatest career choice I have ever made and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. 


I was born in New Jersey in 1960 and grew up an AirForce brat. I was also fortunate enough to find a husband in the AirForce which blessed me with the opportunity to travel, learn, and appreciate different cultures. I started grooming in 1982, and fell in love with it instantly. I have been grooming ever since. I have owned my own grooming business but decided to leave that behind to move closer to my children. I have owned many different breeds of dogs, which have all gotten extra Spa Day love. At the moment,  I have a very sweet chihuahua named Bella and a chinese pug named Sage.    


Veterinary Assistant 
Client Service Representative

I am currently studying Animal Science at Oklahoma State, in hopes to be a veterinarian one day! I love all animals, I grew up always having cats, dogs and fish. I also always love talking with people. I am a super passionate guy and will always make sure everyone I know (people or animals) are taken care of. I have a very sweet and goofy pitbull named  Celeste, she is my child. 

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Client Service Representative
Veterinary Assistant

I went to high school in Fort Smith, AR. I am currently an upcoming senior at OSU majoring in Animal Science with a Biotechnology focus and a minor in  microbiology. 

When I am not at work, I love to be curled up on the couch with a book and some coffee. I've always wanted to work in animal medicine, so working at TVH has been amazing!

I have 2 dogs that I loving walking. Their names are Jax and Odie

Kara Rice.jpg

Client Service Representative

I am a full-time college student for the MIS program. I have worked at Trinity part time for over 5 years. I have a cat and a dog of my own, a female named Stormi-Tripod (she has 3 legs) and a male named Digiorno. I can play a variety of instruments. I also collect hot-wheels in my spare time. I am currently trying to learn more about nutrition so I can be my best self. If I'm not at work, I'm usually walking my dog, going to the gym or tinkering on a vehicle of some sort


Client Service Representative

I am from the small town of Snyder, Oklahoma and have always had a passion for animals.  I enjoy taking walks with my dog Velma (who loves everyone) or cuddling on the couch to watch a movie.  I look forward to bringing another friendly face to Trinity Veterinary Hospital and helping individuals become a part of our pet family!

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I am originally from Utah but moved to Oklahoma City during high school.  I now attend Oklahoma State University where I am majoring in zoology/pre-vet with an emphasis in micro genetics and a minor in entomology.  I currently spread my time between school, working at Trinity Veterinary Hospital and two other jobs, but always make time to travel, see new places, and spend time with my dog Maggie "Moo"!

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Brady Bonds 2023.jpg


I am currently attending high school and have lived in this area for most of my life.  My passions in life are music and art.   Along with school, I am currently attending the Greenwood School of Music Preparatory Academy at OSU where I learn piano and cello.  My plan is to major in music and play cello in a famous orchestra once I graduate!

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