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Three French Bullgod Puppies


Trinity Pet Resort is a luxury facility that caters to the health and well-being of our guests.  Our goal is to provide life enrichment and individualized attention to each guest.  From cuddle time to spa services, its the ultimate pet-friendly atmosphere with luxury hotel accommodations, gourmet treats, and activities to stimulate and entertain!

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Trinity Pet Resort is a luxury facility for pets that deserve the very best!  The pet resort is an extension of Trinity Veterinary Hospital and has the same philosophies with a belief that pets are an equal part of the family. We recognize that pets have distinctive wants and needs and it is our job to provide for their overall well-being and happiness no matter what it is.





Day care is an all-day paw-rty, full of fun and exciting ways for your dog to enjoy playing with others in a safe and controlled environment. 

Benefits of day care for your four-legged family member include:

  • RUNNING!! We do alot of that! This is a great way to have your pup burn off all that extra energy.

  • Socialization skills for the younger pups

  • Younger pups learn good habits from the rest of the pack

  • Older pups are role models with the younger ones to help correct behaviors

  • Activity and socialization for dogs that become anxious at home alone

  • Veterinarian on premises if medical attention is needed

  • Mental stimulation for dogs that get bored easily.

  • Confidence builder for those dogs that may have been in fights and now afraid of other dogs

  • Keeps your dog from being lonely

  • PEACE OF MIND that while you are at work or school, your furry family member is gaining all the benefits and not at home either lonely or destroying your house!

dog boarding
dog grooming


Grooming is more than just making your pet look like a model ready for a cover shoot!  Keeping your pet's haircoat healthy with proper maintenance is essential for their overall health.  This is made more important if your pet has certain conditions such as allergies, hypothyroidism, and other diseases that affect the normal cycle of skin and hair growth.  


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