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Trinity Pet Resort has every accommodation to give your pet a holiday away from home.  Special upgrades provide exercise, play with friends, snuggle time with a PetPal, and grooming services to send them home beautiful and refreshed.  No matter how short or long their stay is, your furry family members will be our top priority to ensure a healthy and happy stay at our Pet Resort!

Luxury Suites

These private suites are for the pampered pet that needs a little more room to relax when away from home.  Guests booked in a suite will be provided special bedding and longer walks outside with a PetPal for increased exercise and fresh air.  Senior pets receive special attention to address needs such as extra movement and additional bedding to prevent sore joints and muscles.  


Karunda bed.jpg

Kuranda beds are elevated dog beds are a great relief for dogs’ joints. The cot-style design evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points.  No more sore hips, elbows or shoulders from the pressure of the hard ground. Along with the Kuranda bed, they get a canvas "mattress" pad and a blanket.


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Even those pets that love the basics are spoiled and given all the attention they deserve.  With all sizes of cages and runs, we have the perfect fit for your furry family members.   Special needs pets will receive any necessary accommodation to keep them comfortable no matter where they stay in the Pet Resort. 

Cat Condominiums_edited.jpg


We understand that cats are special and it's our pleasure to provide specialized feline services.  Our cat condos are located away from the dog boarding to ensure a peaceful stay for your pet.  We offer luxury accommodations for our feline guests, which include fresh bedding, frequently changed litterbox, and bowls.  



Dog Day Care is a fun way for your dog to enjoy group play in a safe and controlled environment.  If your furry friend is energetic, bored, or easily anxious, they will benefit from our interactive play and cuddle sessions. 

We have numerous daycare packages available.  Please call and talk with our Pet Resort Manager, Tarah, to learn more!

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Healthy Paws

For those not interested in daycare, but want their dog to get some movement in, we offer supervised time in our enclosed outside run!  30 minutes a day of fun and movement for your furry friend, as well as longer walks to burn off any extra energy.  They also get a morning and evening treat!

Whether boarding or just need some fresh air while family is at school or work.



TLC Cuddles


Have a baby that loves a little extra attention? We provide 15 minutes of extra cuddle time, play, or walking for dogs.  Cats get play, brushing, or just simply lap time

This service is geared for hotel guests but can be given to anyone that is staying with us for any reason.  



Cat Cuddles


The spa experience wouldn't be complete without a trip to our grooming salon.  Your pet will continue to be pampered with a luxurious range of services, and will be looking their best when you come to pick them up.

If you would like to talk with our groomer for a quote and to discuss options, please call or text us at 405-533-0001

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border collie dog portrait with a hiding cat behind in front of a blue background.jpg

Special Needs

We understand that travel schedules don't always align with business hours so we offer special accommodations for owner to pickup after hours.

After hour pickup = $25/per occurrence


Pets that board on the day of a
major holiday will also incur a
Holiday Day Fee = $25


Pets that require injectable medication during a boarding stay will also incur an
injection fee = $5/injection


For more information about this or other special needs your pet may have, please please call our
Pet Resort Manager.   


  • Medication administration (oral medications)

  • Pet Resort Fecal Scan (every 3 months)

  • Capstar on entry; kills adult fleas for 72 hours

  • 3 walks outside per day

  • sensitive stomach maintenance diet or owner's can bring the regular diet

  • Visual examination by loving Pet Pal with every walk outside

  • Veterinarian on site if problems arise

  • Injectable medications – additional cost


The safety of your pet is our ultimate goal.  In order to keep your furry friend safe and well, we have several requirements before Pet Resort services can be provided.  Your pet will need to be current on their vaccinations before they can stay with us, and we strongly suggest you get your pet vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to services being rendered.  

Feline Requirements

  • Current Vaccination including Rabies and FVRCP (distemper combo)

  • Negative intestinal parasite test
    (*see below)

Canine Requirements

  • Current Vaccination including Rabies and DA2LPP

  • NEW REQUIREMENT:  BIVALENT Influenza Vaccination

  • Bordetella vaccination (within past 6 months)

  • Negative intestinal parasite test
    (*see below)

* To ensure all of our pets stay safe, we require an an annual fecal check thru a veterinarian.  A fecal scan within 3 months is also required and is included in the cost of boarding. 


We understand that leaving your pets behind when you travel can be stressful.  We also want to ease any stress on your pets, so we have several rules in place to help us properly care for our guests during their stay. 

  • In general, if you choose to bring your pet's own food, each feeding should be put in individual baggies and labeled.  There are exceptions to this, which the Pet Resort manager can explain. 

  • No bedding of any kind is allowed - we have plenty to make your pet comfortable

  • A small t-shirt size object is allowed to provide home scent

  • 1 small toy may be left if necessary but often will get torn up.

  • All medication must be in their original container and labeled - it is not safe for us to not know what we are giving to your pet

  • Leashes/harnesses may be left if necessary.

  • No bowls of any kind will be accepted unless other arrangements have been made with our Pet Resort Manager.

  • EVERYTHING MUST fit in a single Walmart size bag.  Larger bags will only be accepted if pets have food baggies for an extended stay.

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