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Internal Medicine Referral Center

TIMRC is an outpatient only referral center that was established to support area veterinarians in complicated or uncommon patient conditions that would benefit from the expertise of an internal medicine specialist.  Our board certified internist is experienced in diagnosing and treating various issues including, but not limited to cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital, endocrine and hematologic systems, neoplasia, and infectious diseases.  This experience extends beyond the patient care and includes working with referring veterinarians for long term case management.  At TIMRC it truly is a partnership between the referring veterinarian, the patient and family, and our internist.



Dr. Jill Brunker, ACVIM
Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Jill Brunker grew up in Hobart, Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University to earn her Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After pursuing internship in the Dallas metroplex area, she returned to her alma mater for a 3-year residency to become Board Certified in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Small Animal) in 2004. She remained at OSU on faculty until 2013. While at OSU, her time was devoted to seeing referral patients while training veterinary students, interns, and residents. She loves the challenge of difficult cases and working alongside pet owners to make the best decisions for the health and happiness of their pets. When away from work, she is involved with church and enjoys biblical exegesis. She has a wonderful family with husband, Stuart, and two kids, Brayden and Jenna, both of which are attending OSU. The Brunker animal family consists of Jonah and Bentley (standard poodles), Shellden (red-footed tortoise), and numerous other animals (cats, horse, donkeys, goats, and sheep). She also enjoys CrossFit and has coached for many years.

What to expect at TIMRC

TIMRC is not a full referral hospital and, at this time, is not equipped to handle critically ill patients or those requiring stabilization in an emergency situation. Our internal medicine service is intended to provide care on a referral basis only and advanced cases beyond our scope may not be accepted for appointments.  Working with our referral coordinator will provide in depth information on our scope of services and limitations.

Why Refer

There is a long list of medical and non-medical reasons for a veterinarian to refer to an internal medicine specialist.  Whether it is to develop an appropriate treatment plan, obtain assistance with making a diagnosis, perform therapeutic procedure, or to simply reassure the patients family that a serious issue is present -  Dr. Brunker and her TIMRC team is here to help. 

TIMC Referral

The TIMRC team will utilize every aspect of a patient's history and condition to provide exceptional care in a tailor-made approach for each referral seen.  This can only be achieved thru a partnership with our team, the primary veterinarian, and pet owner.  Communication is vital to this process and success for a healthy outcome.  Once stable, long term treatment will be maintained by the primary veterinarian unless otherwise discussed with Dr. Jill Brunker.

Referral Policies & Procedures

All patients seen at Trinity Internal Medicine Referral Center must be referred by a veterinarian.  To ensure this process is efficient, thorough, and focused on client and patient care, our referral coordinator will work with referring veterinarians to streamline the flow of information.  Detailed medical history and patient records are crucial to ensure Dr. Brunker and her TIMRC staff have up-to-date information regarding the referred patient.   All patients seen at TIMRC will be treated by our board certified internal medicine specialist for the referred condition only.  Routine procedures and other concerns not related to the this condition will be noted for the primary veterinarian.


Terminology regarding "Specialist" vs "specializing in" a particular area of veterinary medicine can be very confusing and misleading.  These terms sound so similar but the amount of education and training is vastly different between a board certified Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and a general practitioner that focuses their practice to include internal medicine.  Read this informational handout to learn more!

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