Read some of the exceptional stories of miracles and medicine that have occurred at

Trinity Veterinary Hospital!




FOXTAIL:  Brodie is a free spirit and absolutely LOVES being a country dog.  He helps his dad with chores, riding tractors, feeding horses and all things outdoors.  Within the past 6 months Brodie has been diagnosed with a tick infection, possible leptospirosis, and go tangled up under an ATV (keep reading - this part leads to the next problem).  Brodie would get better and then worse and it was a rollercoaster of problems.  He had developed a knot on his side which was not painful and was stable for several months.  One day this ruptured to the outside and was an obvious abscess.  He had multiple treatments at the vet clinic and eventually the infection had to be cut out by Dr. Williams.   At the heart of the abscess was a SINGLE FOXTAIL SEED!  This abscess has become life threatening to him as the bacteria present is very resistant to most antibiotics.  He is receiving daily injections of the only antibiotic that will treat it and so far is doing well!


SPLEENIC RUPTURE: Charlie is a 9 and a half year old Golden Retriever who is the sweetest boy and has nothing to give but love! He lives a normal life and loves getting to be with his family and play with his doggie-friends. One random evening, he started vomiting and not acting himself. By the next morning, he had completely lost his interest in food and water and did not want to move from his favorite spot in the yard. He was rushed to Trinity Veterinary Hospital where he was immediately examined by Dr. Carey Bonds, who noticed that his gum color was abnormal, and she immediately knew something potentially life threatening was occurring. She ran bloodwork on him and noticed that almost every value was abnormal. She took some x-rays and found a large amount of fluid in the abdomen which strongly suggested, along with the bloodwork, bleeding internally. He was rushed to emergency exploritory surgery to verify in there was a splenic tumor rupture or another cause of the problem. After a 3-hour long surgery, they were able to remove the spleen and Charlie made it through! With a lot of love from his family, he was able to recover and is doing great!