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Daycare is a dog "paw-rty" with friends, sunshine, and fresh-air.  We offer exciting ways for your dog to enjoy playing with others in a safe and controlled environment.  


  • RUNNING!! We do alot of that! This is a great way to have your pup burn off all that extra energy.

  • Socialization skills for the younger pups

  • Younger pups learn good habits from the rest of the pack

  • Older pups are role models with the younger ones to help correct behaviors

  • Activity and socialization for dogs that become anxious at home alone

  • Veterinarian on premises if medical attention is needed

  • Mental stimulation for dogs that get bored easily: Mental stimulation such as “brain games” help reduce some age-related brain changes.  While it isn’t clear yet which specific cognitive exercises work the best, the general consensus is that “use it or lose it” holds as true for humans and canine minds as it does for our bodies.  Our outdoor day care program offer many of these exercises to keep your pet’s mind sharp!

  • Confidence builder for those dogs that may have been in fights and now afraid of other dogs

  • Keeps your dog from being lonely

  • PEACE OF MIND that while you are at work or school, your furry family member is gaining all the benefits and not at home either lonely or destroying your house!




If a pup is new to the pack,  we do a Personality Assessment with our "Assessment Manager-Carley." Once we see how your dog does with Carley then we will slowly introduce to the rest of the pets in daycare.  We evaluate for anxiety as well as social etiquette with the other dogs.  For more information on daycare and to schedule a "courtesy" personality assessment, please call our Pet Resort Manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!



Carley is a 4 year old Shih Tzu who loves to give kisses and sunshine. She may be small but she knows who she is and likes to be the boss. She will never walk away from a hug or any kind of attention in general.



The safety of your pet is our ultimate goal.  In order to keep your furry friend safe and well, we have several requirements before Pet Resort services can be provided.  Your pet will need to be current on their vaccinations before they can stay with us.  

Canine Requirements

  • Current Vaccination including Rabies and DA2LPP

  • NEW REQUIREMENT:  BIVALENT Influenza Vaccination

  • Bordetella vaccination (within past 6 months)

  • Negative intestinal parasite test
    (*see below)

  • All dogs over 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered for GROUP play

* To ensure all of our pets stay safe, we require an an annual fecal check thru a veterinarian.  A fecal scan within 3 months is also required and is included in the cost of daycare. 



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